E3 2016 – Project Scorpio: New Xbox console to support VR


Microsoft just announced not one but two new Xbox consoles at its press conference within the frame of this years E3, including so-called Project Scorpio, a technical advanced Xbox One with 4k video and Virtual Reality support headed to us by the end of 2017.

Project Scorpio Xbox VR

While Sony just confirmed their enhanced version of the PlayStation 4, the PS4 Neo, Microsoft follows today. Sony hasn’t spoke about any details yet, but Microsoft has: According to them, Project Scorpio will be able to run games in a native 4k resolution with 60 frames per second by using its 8 cpu cores combined with 6 TFLOP/s of GPU power as well as 320GB/s memory bandwidth (Xbox One delivers 1.3 TFLOP/s). The new Xbox will be able to run any Xbox One game with enhanced graphics. And it will also support VR. However, Microsoft did not reveal which VR headsets will work. Microsoft either still negotiates or simply won’t announce it yet, as you can tell by having a closer look at the following statement:

“We’re not ready to announce something right now, but you can imagine at the price point of Scorpio — which we haven’t actually said, but think about consoles and where they live in terms of price point — having something at six teraflops that will get millions of people buying it is very attractive to some of the VR companies that are out there already, and we’ve architected it such that something will be able to plug right in and work.” – Phil Spencer, Microsoft

Yesterday, Todd Howard from Bethesda said that they’re working on a VR version of Fallout 4 whereas Microsoft gave out today that this version will work with Project Scorpio. Note that this VR version was only announced for the HTC Vive. However, given the close relationship between Microsoft and Oculus, the Rift could be their choice too. Who knows, maybe both headsets will be supported? Unfortunately, Microsoft didn’t make any words at all about its AR headset Hololens at todays press conference.

xboxonesOther than that, Microsoft presented another console, the Xbox One S. The “S” stands for sleeker, slimmer and sharper; because the console is about 40% smaller than its predecessor and able to play and stream 4k videos. It also comes with a handy IR Blaster that can turn your other devices, such as your TV or receivers, on and off. You can pre-order the device for as much as $399, the console will be available in August 2016 with 2TB of memory.

What are your thoughts about Project Scorpio? Which VR headset would you like it to support?