EVE: Valkyrie is a space-based combat simulation. For the first time, virtual reality puts you right in the cockpit of a heavily armed fighter.

EVE: Valkyrie offers not only the just announced singleplayer campaign, but also team-based multiplayer dogfights – as you would expect from an EVE game. Though, it is not comparable to “EVE Online”. But it has its strategic elements, and also character progression and customizable ships, weapons and equipment. Whereas many games are only ported to VR, this one is build from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advances in virtual reality.

Eve Valkyrie

The development of the game started back in 2012 using early dev kits of Oculus VR, after CCP Games backed their Kickstarter campaign. It grew from a tech demo to a truly immersive full game. It won’t only support Oculus Rift, but also Project Morpheus for PS4. Checkout the trailer above for some pre-alpha footage.

EVE: Valkyrie seems to be a very promising VR game, since it fits the requirements perfectly: The illusion of VR can be perfect, due to the player sitting in his space-ship on his couch with his controller in his hands that could as well be the control instruments. Thus it does not face a bigger mismatch of what you’re doing in real life and what you’re doing in the game, the borders of reality melt increasingly.

How much do you want to play this game? You could try it out just now at the gamescom in germany!