Facebook 3D via virtual reality: how?

Facebook 360 VR app

A few days ago Mark Zuckerberg stated that “immersive 3D content is the obvious next thing after video”. Virtual Reality may be one big step into the future of Facebook. But how is it supposed to work?

Zuckerberg said that human communication has rapidly evolved over the last few years. In the past it was primarily text-based, now it has moved on to images and increasingly videos. According to him, this is not the end. Which may be why Facebook acquired the Virtual Reality startup Oculus in march 2014.

VR will be big for gaming as well as for video content, both areas in which Facebook is already active, Zuckerberg added. In the long run, it may power social applications as well. And that’s the point where things get interesting: What would a 3D Facebook world look like and will it work?

You could think of a room in which you have the Facebook timeline all around you. Less text, more images and even more videos. But 2D images and videos seem to be not enough. It would need native recorded 3D content to justify the added value. Although this sounds exciting, it will need quite some time to integrate in our world. Most people seem to use Facebook “on the go”, while doing something else, which does not work with Virtual Reality at all. What is more, 3D content will be created mainly by professionals which would make Facebook less personal.

It is quite hard to tell how this is supposed to work out. Whatever path Facebook chooses, it won’t be easy but interesting. What do you think? What will Facebook 3D look like?