Google Maps: explore Street View in virtual reality

street view virtual reality

Did you know that Virtual Reality works with Google Maps’ Street View feature? It is hidden, but works quite well. Time to travel around at home!

I just thought about how cool it would be if Google Street View would allow you to use your VR headset to look around. Well, this already works since quite some time, but you have to know how of course and Google Maps does not tell you actually. All you have to do is to open Google Maps and hold your finger on a street, then click on the adress which pops up on the bottom of the screen. Here you should see a picture captured by a Street View camera. If there isnt one, Google probably was not at this place yet. Click on the picture and you are in Street View.

So far so good, but how to start the VR action? Double click on the button on the bottom-right corner with the arrows and the screen splits into two parts. You are ready to go and equip your headset with your smartphone. However, you will notice that there is a problem about Android and its headsets. You do not have any controller at this point. So all you can do in Google Street View is to look around at the place you just configured. If you want to take a look at another place, unfortunately you have to remove your smartphone from the headset. Actually, there are some bluetooth controllers for Android, but no proper solution for VR and Street View yet.

Did you know about the hidden VR feature in Google Street View? Go try it out if not!