Gunslinger: Google Cardboard review

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Gunslinger is a new wild west VR shooter for Google Cardboard, in which you aim at increasingly hard to hit targets. Pull the trigger by pushing Cardboard´s magnet and fire at the center of the targets to become the champion.

While there are already quite a few VR apps available for Google Cardboard, it is still hard to find the ones worth trying out in the Play Store. Spoiler: Gunslinger is definitely worth it if you’re looking for some Crazy Chicken like VR action.

The menu and buttons are cleverly designed to work in VR. After a short tutorial, which explains the controls and the targets to look out for, you start in the first of six zones. Each zone offers six levels and they become increasingly difficult over time. You collect stars by scoring more points in less time with as little ammunition as possible, three at most per level, similar to most apps nowadays. Thereby you unlock new zones and levels to play, 24 levels in total.

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While the targets you are aiming for are big and static in the early levels, they start to move and decrease soon and thus, the game is getting harder over time. Though, it does not offer much diversity, it still delivers enough content to play the game in short bursts and to show the game to your friends. However, I am not sure if this game is the best demonstration of virtual reality in general, as it does not take too much advantage of it. There are no awesome VR effects, since the gameplay doesn’t need any. The graphics are really good for a mobile VR game, as you can tell by taking a look at the screenshots. But you could just as well play such a game without VR. Nevertheless it still feels cool to be a cowboy, right?

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There is a huge problem you will take notice of fast when your internet connection is enabled: Ads. Hey, I do not criticize developers for earning money with their apps. Gunslinger comes with some legitimate in-app purchases, so you can use better guns – like the removal of the ads for instance… But that isn’t what I am talking about. Native Google Play advertisments are not adjusted to work for VR apps yet, which doesn’t stop GAMEANAX, the developers, to use them. Unfortunately they are totally annoying, because when you’re using cardboard, you have to put your phone out to close the ads; and everytime they appear, the whole VR effect is totally broken. Furthermore, besides the frequently popping up ads, I ran into this alert that asked me to rate the app:

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