Head-up-display for your car

    head-up-display for your car

    Augmented reality links our world with digital elements. There are quite some ways to put that to use regarding cars. One of them is to use a head-up-display, which improves safety rapidly.

    Imagine a world where drivers watch the road all the time, instead of getting distracted by their phone, satnav, speedometer or gear shift. Sounds like a much safer world, doesn’t it? But a head-up-display (HUD) can also highlight risks on the road (like forward collision), inform you about unsafe driving habits and the weather. And last but not least, it can also allow you to see through the rear of your car for more accurate reading of the terrain – like Land Rover did.

    If you would like to have an HUD in your car, there are some ways to get one. First of all, of course you could buy a car which already comes with one. Most car manufacturers have options for this, you just have to ask. BMW for instance is doing this since years. Audi offers an HUD in their A6, A7 and A8 and Mercedes-Benz with their C-Class. If you want to get an HUD for an already existing car which does not come with one, then you have different options as well: A simple app called “Hudway” just uses your smartphone to display the speed of your car and the route to your destination. Not the best solution though, since you might experience ghost images on your windshield, because it is not prepared for an HUD. A little more advanced: Garmin with a projector which works with your smartphone and the appropriate purchased app. It also comes with a foil to avoid the ghost images.

    However, obviously a head-up-display could just as well distract you, if it overwhelms you with too many information at once. But even with this thought in mind, the advantages are convincing.

    Do you already use a head-up-display in your car or are you going to? Why or why not?