This is what Portal in VR could look like on the HTC Vive. The short demo is being played by the NODE guys, popular Youtube gamers. While the demo has been around for some time now, they’re the first who show off the complete demo including sound. They even equipped their player with an additional camera to point out where he’s looking at in real life. In the demo, you start off as an Aperture robot repair employee, who isn’t too great at his job.

However, while this looks pretty exciting, it’s only another short demo. Time will tell if developers manage to build full games that keep you excited all over for HTC’s and Valve’s VR headset. HTC Vive is set to launch this year, most likely in November, but only a few amount of headsets will be shipped. The big release follows in Q1 2016.

Would you like to see a full version of Portal being developed for the HTC Vive? Or would you prefer an Oculus Rift/Project Morpheus version?