“The difference between a flat video and VR is the difference between watching a football game and being in the stadium.” SpaceVR would like to “launch a 3D 360-degree camera into space to allow everyone the chance to be an astronaut through the power of virtual reality.”

VR cameraIf you are one of these people who love watching space videos, this Kickstarter campaign might be very interesting to you. Indeed, virtual reality provides a much more real looking experience than a normal video. Not only because you can watch 360 degree, but also because it is 3D and you won’t be distracted by anything else.

Watching the earth could be quite entertaining, but SpaceVR goes even further: space walks, space stations and maybe you are even able to explore the Moon and the Mars. This is why they are going to send the VR camera to the International Space Station (ISS).

However, such a big project needs some money to work out. Therefore SpaceVR started a Kickstarter campaign today with a goal of 500.000 Dollar. If people spend enough and thus they reach the goal during a period of one month, they will:

  • make a live-stream for your VR headset, so you can see the orbit in real-time
  • send a VR camera to the moon in 2017
  • land a VR camera on an asteroid in 2022
  • go to Mars as soon as 2026

Visit the Kickstarter page to back this project and look through the rewards.

What do you think about this idea? Will you back this project?