Microsoft boss about HoloLens: “This is a five year journey”

Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella was recently interviewed on Windows 10 by BBC. More importantly, he also talked about their HoloLens AR headset and its release.

No doubt about it, Microsoft HoloLens is in early stages of development. Although it was hyped at this years E3, it still faces the major problem of a too little “field of view”. Nadella called it the main issue behind the major delay of the public release. At the moment, thus the AR effect is already gone before it really started. Microsoft plans to fix this before hitting the market, which seems to be a very wise decision since nobody likes to spend money for a non-working alpha version.

Hololens Field of View

It might take Microsoft another 5 years to develop the HoloLens headset with full viewing experience. However, the company is going to send out first developer versions already this year – which offers the time to build useful content.

We will have developer versions of it first and then it will be more commercial use cases and it will evolve. This is a five year journey. – Satya Nadella

Microsoft´s HoloLens is the bridge between AR technology like Google Glass and VR headsets like Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift. One important difference might be that in 2020 – where HoloLens may be released – the other headsets will already have plenty of games and features and also successors. But it also could be clever to let the competitors have the first step next year, since their first headsets will be far from perfect then.

Did you expect to wait about five years to get Microsoft HoloLens into your hands and are you fine with that?