New VR camera by Razer and Intel unveiled


Besides being made to support virtual reality, the camera can also be used to broadcast games when using streaming services.

Razer and Intel are partnering up to develop a new, currently unnamed, VR camera. The news come from the Intel Developer Forum currently being held in San Francisco. They’ve announced on Tuesday that the camera will use the Intel RealSense technology and bring with it “a brand new way to broadcast games and jump into VR”.

One feature of RealSense is the automatic background removal which allows streamers to change their background, and thus erases the need of a green screen setup. For VR, the camera will have a few, interesting features at it’s disposal. Due to Intel’s technology the device will be capable of 3D scanning and will be able to recognize motion and gestures.

While Intel is providing the technology, Razer will take care of the product’s design. A release date has yet to be announced. However, given that the current design isn’t even finalized and the camera has just been announced, a release date prior to 2016 seems unlikely.

What’s your opinion on the partnership? Will you buy the product once it’s released? Let us know!