One dollar more and the Oculus Rift might as well not exist

One dollar more and the Oculus Rift might as well not exist

The whole time we thought that the Oculus Rift might cost something like $400. Maybe $500. But as we know of now, it’s actually $599. No, wait – 699€ for European customers due to taxes. According to a quote of Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey, their virtual reality headset might as well not exist – almost.

The high price of the upcoming VR headset Oculus Rift surprised everyone yesterday. It’s a number people used to relate rather to its competitor HTC Vive, which was supposed to be by far the more expensive one. Actually, it may be way too much for many gamers to afford and thereby restricts itself to be a niche product.

Reactions on the internet are varying as some did preorder it happily though, and some did not. Unfortunately for Palmer, the internet never forgets. An older quote of him, something he said back in 2013 in an interview with Allthingsd, doesn’t make him and his company look shiny bright at this very moment. When he was asked about how much the consumer version of the Rift is going to cost, he said:

The current developer kits are $300. We don’t know what the consumer version’s going to cost — it could be more, could be less. But we’re looking to stay in that same ballpark. We’re not going to be charging $800 or something. We have to be affordable. If you’re not affordable, you may as well not exist for a huge segment of the market. […] I’m one of the few people where it’s different. I would spend whatever it was. Gamers are not known to be the most affluent population of people. If something’s even $600, it doesn’t matter how good it is, how great of an experience it is — if they just can’t afford it, then it really might as well not exist. We’re going for the mainstream, but time will tell what the market is.

Not everything is bad about the high price though, at least some people might not be feeling too bad about it: Sony. The reason for that is the fact that their PlayStation VR is now the only popular next generation virtual reality headset that may be released at a mass-compatible price tag. Rumor has it PlayStation VR is going to cost about $400-$600. Make it $400 and Sony may literally own the market. Not only could they potentially offer the most affordable VR headset, you should also remember it works with the PlayStation 4, which is much cheaper than what the Rift and Vive are looking out for spec-wise too.

Did you pre-order the Oculus Rift or are you waiting for the PlayStation VR or HTC Vive? Please feel free to share your thoughts on that matter in the comment section below!