During Paris Games Week 2015 Crytek just published the first trailer of their upcoming VR adventure “Robinson: The Journey”. Besides stunning graphics, it shows first impressions of the game.

robinson the journey ps4 vr

In “Robinson: The Journey”, according to the official PlayStation Blog, “you assume the role of a young boy who has crash-landed on a mysterious planet, and must become a pioneer of sorts as you explore your surroundings, interact with the world around you, and discover secrets at every turn”.

The game is “about recreating that level of authenticity on a much, much grander scale. That means not just making something visually stunning, but also telling a story that is emotionally engaging and which resonates with players beyond the game world. It’s a bold ambition, we know. But just as PlayStation VR will invite players to enjoy gaming in an entirely new way, I think it should also inspire us as developers to create ambitious experiences worthy of this amazing new technology.”

The new trailer has been unveiled during the PlayStation conference. It will definitely be available on PlayStation VR. Not many details have been announced yet, but since the game uses the Cryengine, it is very likely that it will be playable on PC too.

What do you think about the new trailer?