Virtual reality offers endless possibilities for education, like “Planets” for HTC Vive is about to prove. An early preview trailer shows how you will be able to create your own room scale solar system.

planets htc vive

Tim Moerlard, developer at an indie VR team called The Virtual Dutch Men, recently posted a preview trailer on Youtube for his upcoming VR title Planets. The HTC Vive game is being made using the Unity3D engine.

In Planets, you are using HTC Vive´s motion controllers to choose and place planets and thus create your own little solar system in your living room. By using Valve´s Lighthouse technology, you can walk around the sun.

Planets also demonstrates how virtual reality could be put to use for educational purposes. Imagine what school could look like in some years. Instead of talking about solar systems using books, why not create your own to see how it works?