Project Morpheus ready to go, waits for games to be finished


The 2016 scheduled VR headset is currently waiting for games to be finished as the product itself is already feature complete.

Just recently, Sony confirmed a 2016 release for it’s virtual reality headset Project Morpheus. Now, Sony hardware R&D engineer Dennis Castleman explained in a Facebook post that Sony’s VR project is, in fact, ready to go and is only waiting for the accompanying games to be finished.

“I’ve been working on Sony’s project Morpheus for 3 years, it’s going to go to market in 2016. It’s a bit different for things like cell phones or established technologies. When I was designing televisions it was usually 18 months to get a new model into production. A VR HMD is a bit different it also takes time for the component vendors to rampup for million unit volumes.” Castleman said, and added: “In our case the HMD hardware is ready to go, we’re just waiting for the game titles to catch up with the hardware.”.

This might explain why Sony can’t commit to a full release date just yet. However, with not that much time left, it is expected that they are going to reveal a release date sooner than later.

Earlier this year, Sony have opened up a new Studio called North West. The Studio is dedicated to develop virtual reality games. Besides North West, only indie game studios are so far confirmed to create games for Project Morpheus. This begs the question if Sony will dedicate as much of their resources for their virtual reality games as they do for their other non-VR AAA games.

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