Sony: Project Morpheus to work only for short sessions

No Man´s Sky virtual reality

As virtual reality is still in early stages of development, it might be better off with short gaming-sessions only, instead of longer uses. According to a Sony CEO, Project Morpheus won’t have games with “50 hours of gameplay”.

Motion-sickness is an annoying, but rather important topic when it comes to virtual reality at the moment. Even low latency and full positional tracking are not enough to prevent you from it. Though, it depends on the person, since some do not face any problems after short sessions of VR.

Shawn Layden, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO, recently said that VR games will not have “50 hours of gameplay”, and that he thinks that “the VR experience really befits a more concentrated and concise gaming experience.” Some may be disappointed at this point, but as we know, people are working on it. We cannot know how long we have to wait to experience virtual reality over longer time periods without noticing any motion-sickness.

However, this response started some speculation going on about the possibility of “No Man´s Sky” (image above) not entering virtual reality, especially Project Morpheus. Although their lead programmer, Sean Murray, said that VR support is something they are thinking about. Now the statement of Layden seems to clash everything “No Man´s Sky” stands for, since in the game you are able to explore 18 quintillion individual planets (may take you a bit longer than 50 hours, huh?).

What do you think of this? Did you expect to spend hours and hours with your VR gadget on your head or aren`t you surprised by Layden´s quote? Would you like to explore No Man´s Sky in VR though?