StarVR – a 210° VR headset by Starbreeze Studios


At data-reality, we’ve already introduced you to different VR projects from big companies like Sony, Microsoft or HTC/Valve. Aside from those, Starbreeze Studios has an equally -if not even more- ambitious product in the works. Their very own virtual reality headset.

By now, news of a new virtual reality headset might not raise as many eyebrows as they used to, given that there are quite a few in the making. Bear with me though, as you’ll see that Starbreeze Studios are working on a true powerhouse of a VR headset.

The still-in-development headset is currently the only one to have a 210° field of view. To combat the resulting low image quality that’d normally come with such a high FoV, it’s equipped with dual 5.5″ Quad HD displays providing a total 5120×1440 resolution.  To make things even better, it’s also allowing for a 130° vertical FoV, to even further enhance the immersion. Position tracking is achieved by combining accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers real-time data with an optical tracking system. It’s using fiducial markers to allow 360° position tracking.150528_STAR-VR_Product-shot_02_markers
Starbreeze Studios is a Stockholm based developer of gaming software, probably best known for their game “Payday: the Heist”. In june, they’ve announced the acquisition of french company “InfinitEye VR SAS” to start their very own VR initiative. They are also actively developing a virtual reality game, launching exclusively for StarVR, called “Overkill’s The Walking Dead” which is set in the famous The Walking Dead universe.

Which headset are you looking forward to the most? Do you think StarVR will stand a chance against the other virtual reality projects? Let us know!