Now that’s something the Star Wars Fans asked for. “Star Wars: X-Wing VR Mission” puts you square in the seat of a X-Wing space ship. It’s an addition to Star Wars Battlefront that will be released completely free of charge later this year – PS4 only.

Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR Mission

While they did not confirm it yet, we’d wonder much if they wouldn’t include the famous “Trench Run”, the destroying of the Death Star. The Star Wars VR experience surprisingly isn’t being developed by DICE, but by Criterion Games. Criterion is a subsidiary of EA as well, famous for racing games like Burnout and several Need For Speed titles. This time however, the races will be held in a galaxy far, far away.

“Once you look outside your ship, you’ll start to take in and appreciate the sheer magnitude of the environment in which you’re sitting. Sure, you may think you know that a Blockade Runner or a Star Destroyer are big, but once you’re firing at Imperial forces alongside their hulls as you maneuver around their defenses, then you’ll truly comprehend the enormity of these starships. It’s intensely exciting!” – James Svensson, Criterion

Is this a fulfilled dream?