The Assembly: first gameplay video


After gamescom was over, nDreams VR published a 9-minute gameplay video of their upcoming VR game The Assembly, where Jackie Tetley, nDreams Senior Designer, is showing and commenting the early chapters of their adventure game.

the assembly vr

In The Assembly, players take control of two different persons, and thus, of two different perspectives. As a chain of events threatens to expose The Assembly – a mysterious organisation hidden in the underground, which aims to conduct experiments of questionable nature for the greater good – these two people get the chance to shape the future of the world.

The Assembly is an immersive VR adventure, which is asking the players moral questions. Will you be able to kill someone to save the lives of a hundred others? As the right choice is never clear, you’ll have to ask yourself: When does the end justify the means?

The development of the game started back in the middle of 2013 and its story was written by Tom Jubert, a young writer behind indie games like Penumbra and The Swapper. Patrick O’Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams, said that lots of gameplay mechanics are working well in VR. For example, you take better notice of small details, like different sounds, voices, etc. Project Morpheus support was announced in 2014, but the game will also be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

How do you like the gameplay trailer and do you have interest in this game?