Top 10: best free Google Cardboard apps and games


Google Cardboard is the perfect entry to virtual reality, because it is very cheap due to using your smartphone. Although it is not comparable to the big VR headsets like Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus, there are some really awesome apps and games waiting in the store to be experienced.

Here is our list of the top 10 free Google Cardboard apps and games:

10. Orbulus

In “Orbulus” you travel to all kind of different sceneries. Choose an orb and in a few seconds you will find yourself there: stand on Mars, experience the Northern Lights, watch a wedding. Although you only find pictures with sound instead of videos, it is worth trying!

9. 360 Video Channel on Youtube

You can access the 360 Video Channel on Youtube via the official Google Cardboard app. There you will find popular videos tagged with #360Video. Thus you are able to watch endless 360 virtual reality videos from people all over the world. Unfortunately, the video quality for this kind of videos on Youtube isn’t very good at the moment and we do not know if Google will enhance this in the near future.

8. VR Cosmic Roller Coaster

There are quite some roller coaster VR demos available in the Play Store, but this one is special: Take a trip through a “wonderful cosmos”. Once started, you will find yourself on a ride through space. The demo is about 2 minutes long and repeats itself via a wormhole. During the virtual ride you have the full 360 degree view on earth, satellites, fictional wormholes and so on.

7. Battle 360 VR

Play as an anti-aircraft gunner and defend your warship from fierce airborne attacks in “Battle 360 VR”. Fun game, although sometimes the situation can be confusing. A lot of settings allow you to configure the game to fit your needs and smartphone capabilities.

6. Zombie Shooter VR

If you are a shooter fan, you definitely have to check this one out: choose between an Ak47, Famas or Glock and then go hunt zombies with “Zombie Shooter VR”. All you have to do is to aim at a zombie by positioning your head, the gun will fire automatically. Can be scary if one zombie comes too close!

5. Seene

Ever wanted to take your own 3d photos? Then you need to try out an app called “Seene”. After you triggered the shoot button you have to move your phone slightly. Thus the app is able to create an interesting 3d effect. Some scenes work great and most don’t, but you will get the idea after a short time. Of course you also can view the photos others did with this technique, and there are some pretty cool ones! You don’t even need Cardboard to experience the 3d effect, but you have the option to use it for an even better one. Use the magnet to scroll through the photos.

4. Sisters

This app scared the shit out of me, seriously. You will find yourself in a room with a tv à la Poltergeist. You will explore the room until something appears… Well, you better take a look for yourself, I do not want to spoil anything at this point. However, I cannot even imagine how scary horror games of the future could be. I mean in this demo you couldn’t even move around and it does not look realistic at all. But it was really scary anyways. Don’t forget to use headphones!

3. Lamper VR

While Google Cardboard does not seem to focus as much on gaming as you would expect of VR headsets like Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, this game clearly shows that Google Cardboard can be used for games as well. Lamper VR is a funny game where you take control of a bug by looking in the right directions. The 3D effect is great and even the menu is worth checking this one out. Although you might not play this for a long time since it is quite exhausting.

2. Google Cardboard

fly over the mountains

You should not miss the Google Cardboard app for your Google Cardboard, right? You can choose different actions from the menu: First of all, the tutorial tells you that you can navigate through the app by using the magnet. By tilting your phone 90 degrees, you get back to the menu. Then you have a Tour Guide which is a short demo that shows how virtual reality is able to tell history like you were right there. Ever wanted to fly? Google Earth brings you to a random famous place and lets you fly around there. Last but not least, you can watch the videos from your smartphone on a cinema screen which is more exciting then you may think.

1. Vrse

This app only includes some downloadable videos. Doesn’t sound very spectacular? Well, it is though! Because you can watch these great quality videos in full 360 virtual reality. And if you do so, you should wear headphones, due to support of 360 degree sound: For example, you can hear where a train comes from and thus look in the right direction when it hits you. This is our first place, because it is this one app you want to show your friends when they experience virtual reality for the first time. Still waiting for the “Cataconic” zombie demo which already scared many people at this years E3…

You can download all the mentioned apps for free and find many more in the Google Play Store. Which ones do you like? Did you find more great VR apps?