Top 10: best Youtube #360 VR videos

Milky Way VR 360

Five months after Google invented 360 degree videos on Youtube, there are quite a few clips available everyone should watch: from Super Mario to the Milky Way, here are our top 10.

To have the best experience, make sure to watch the following videos on the official Youtube App using either your Android or iOS smartphone and Google Cardboard. You can watch them without your phone and Cardboard as well by using Google Chrome on your PC – control the view with your mouse or WASD keys then, instead of tilting your phone.

Here is our list of the top 10 best Youtube #360 VR videos:

10. League of Legends in Virtual Reality

I have to admit that I am not into League of Legends, but the millions of people who are will enjoy a VR lookaround for sure. The quality of the video is great, since video games work well for VR and it was uploaded in a 4K resolution. Unfortunately, it is a short VR experience of only 21 seconds.

9. Take the seat in a F1 car

This is probably as close as you get to sitting in a “real” Formula One car. To be more precise, you’re sitting on top of the head of Sebastien Buemi instead of in the seat, while he´s driving through the Rudskogen Motorsenter course in Norway. Again, the video quality is awesome due to 4K and you might even download the video and watch it with your Oculus Rift.

8. Milky Way stars 360 clip

Watch a beautiful nightsky showing the Milky Way and its stars in this 360 Youtube video. Nope, these aren’t shooting stars – those are just some planes crossing the sky, since it is a timelapse – uploaded in 4K.

7. Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth in VR

This is an awesome promotional clip for the upcoming theater movie “Warcraft”. This time, you’ll find yourself on top of a gryphon and thus, experience a view over the city of Azeroth.

6. “GetOut” 360 Horror in VR

Horror might be the genre that works best for VR. I barely dared to open my eyes watching this one with my Cardboard setup. Why would somebody watch these videos on purpose? Instead, why don’t you try to scare your friends with it?

5. EVE: Online ships and factions 360 video

Do you know EVE: Online? You will soon, if you’re going to buy an Oculus Rift or Project Morpheus, since its spin-off “EVE: Valkyrie” will be a launch title for the Rift in Q1 2016. In this helpful 4K 360 video, you can learn more about the different factions and their ships.

4. Fly on a magical couch

Ever wanted to fly on a couch? Then you have to watch this one! “Time Couch” is a VR clip created by photoscanning real environments and using the Unity engine.

3. Super Mario and his friends in VR

Super Mario in 360 degree VR and 4K. This has got to be the dream of many gamers. Thankfully, you no longer have to dream about it, thanks to “The Pixel Kingdom”. Besides the lovely pixel-graphics and the fitting 8-bit soundtrack, it is also hilarious. Must-watch!

2. Dubai airport night and day

Day and night and day in Dubai. Watch the planes landing like flies at the airport. A perfect, beautiful location for a 360 Youtube video. You need a decent internet connection to watch the video in 8K.

1. Take-off, flight and landing of an Airbus A320

Everyone must have had the thought of being in a cockpit once, so here you go. Flight commander Luc Wolfensberger and First Officer Martin Radinger take you to a flight over Switzerland from Geneva to Zurich in a SWISS Airbus A320. Including the take-off, flight and landing, this is an experience you don’t want to miss.

Did you find another awesome 360 degree video on Youtube? Tell us in the comment section below!