Since Star Wars planted the thought of holograms in our minds, some years have passed. And now there is a really cheap and fast way to build your own hologram display with tools everyone has.

hologram display

This method is not really new to be honest, but it became very popular when the media all around the globe reported about a video tutorial on Youtube, which thus already has been watched more than three million times. It is not a real hologram projector obviously, but more of a little trick to make us think so. The glass reflects all the colors of your smartphone display except the black ones. However, in the video above you can see how easy it really is to make this simple “3D hologram projector”, which could be an eye catcher for your friends. All you need is your smarpthone, a scissor, CD case (without scratches for a better effect), ruler, glue, pencil, graph paper and something to cut the CD case like a knife or a glass cutter. Instead of a CD case you could also use a transperent foil, which you can wrinkle accordingly. Just do a little research on Youtube and you will find many more videos about it.

Did you already build your own hologram display?