VR technology by Strivr aims to improve training for NFL players


Besides gaming, virtual reality can also be used in many other occasions. Strivr strive to (pun intended) use their virtual reality technology to enhance the training of NFL teams.

The 2015 established start-up company has the technology to provide football teams with a VR solution that enhances their training experience, and as is the case, it’s already being adopted by some NFL teams. Just recently, the New York Jets have started to use Strivr’s product and they are not the first to do so.

Photo: Robert Stanton/ USA TODAY Sports
Photo: Robert Stanton/ USA TODAY Sports

The company uses the Oculus Rift to simulate a training match in which the user has the ability to check his surroundings in a 360° view. This is achieved by using the footage of several cameras mounted on a four-foot tripod in the offensive backfield. Initially, the user assumed the role of a quarterback but the tech is already being used for different positions. Besides that, some coaches have already brainstormed about using the tech for recruiting purposes.

As of now, the company’s resources are limited, and thus the time it takes to process the footage may not be fast enough for pre-game preparations.

“We’re hoping to kind of close that gap to make it quicker and more efficient,” Trent Edwards, co-founder of Strivr, told USA TODAY. “Coaches are used to filming where by the time they get into their office (after practice), the film is on your computer. That’s not reality — but the goal is to get it there.”

As it seems now, there’s a lot of potential in Strivr’s vision possibly giving them the opportunity to recruit more employees, and thus probably further decrease the time it takes to ship their VR videos.

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