vTime is everything you’ve ever wanted from a VR social network


vTime is a virtual reality mobile social network developed by UK-based developer Starship. An open alpha starts in November. 

You know how older, pre-web 2.0 people always warn you about the downsides of using a social network to… well, socialize? “Back when we were young, we used to meet up in real life, instead of talking through a computer screen. The only thing you young folks care about nowadays is that darn smartphone of yours”. Now, instead of rolling your eyes and arguing with them like you usually do, you can prove them wrong by showing them vTime because it’s actually quite the opp… oh.

I’m kidding, obviously, as vTime seems to be a very promising new alternative (or addition) to other non-VR social networks. To fully experience it you’ll need a smartphone and a smartphone-supporting HMD like the GearVR from Samsung, or Google’s Cardboard. However, a non-VR version will also be available allowing the users to experience vTime in what is essentially a spectator mode with the added option to join private chats.

The app let’s you share images, listen to music and interact with other people around the globe in a virtual environment. Besides having the option to customize your avatar’s look, you’ll also be able to choose different environments such as “futuristic urban landscapes” or “the majestic beauty of nature”. When new to vTime, the app helps you to engage in conversations by matching you with other like-minded users, based on your interests.

The app will be revealed to the press at this month’s Occulus Connect in Los Angeles. In November, an open alpha will launch for android devices. The final product will, however, be cross-platform.

The future is now! What’s your opinion on vTime? Tell us in the comments.